The Art of Living Longer...

Longevica is a science driven company in search of mechanisms of health extension. Started by a team of scientists and philanthropists, Longevica is guided by indisputable scientific data derived from fundamental experiments and comprehensive models.

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20 000

Long-lived female mice in the study made it the largest one

1 033

Well-characterized pharmacological compounds in one study


Pharmacological classes have been tested

11 years

of study including nearly four years of mice experiment

$13 M

Invested into the study


Life-extension effect,
the second result after rapamycin



Longevica Vision Established

A vision to slow down aging and postponing and eliminating age-related diseases
has been established

2009 — Q2

Contrarian Approach Developed

To identify the mechanisms of life extension an ambitious experiment involving most
well-characterized pharmacological compounds in mice was undertaken

2009 — Q3

Largest Study in Long-Lived Mice 

Start of a valid  study on the largest
array of  pharmacological compounds to find
life-extension effect

  • The Jackson Laboratory, CA (NCI)
  • 20,000 long-lived female mice 
  • 1,033 well-characterized pharmacological compounds
  • Intervention started in five-month-old mice

Hugely Successful Experiment Concluded

3.5-year experiment was completed. As a result, 5 compounds showed statistically  significant life-extension effect (16-22%).
It became the second result in the history after rapamycin.


Two Classes with Life- Extension Effect Identified

With big data analysis we identified two particular classes of compounds of 62 in total that showed statistically significant correlation with life-extension. It gave us a clue on existence of mechanisms of life-extension we had to find.

2014 — 2020

Study of These Two Classes

The team spent  next 6 years specifically looking into these compounds, studying its mechanisms of action and history of application  in human medicine.

2019 — 2020

Mechanisms established 

The team managed to formulate valid hypothesis regarding 2 mechanisms of life extension details of which are currently being specified. Both mechanisms aim at fighting toxins accumulation that results in health improvement and life extension. The core of our paradigm of life extension is: fewer toxins -> fewer aged-related diseases -> longer lifespan.

2021 — Present

Pharmacological atlas

The unique data base in mice combined with human data have been accumulated on a dedicated platform being a source for new therapies and food categories developement.

More to come